Spring 2020

Cover Story

No Ghost in the Machine

Artificial intelligence isn’t as intelligent as you think

by Mark Halpern


The Uncertainty Principle

In an age of profound disagreements, mathematics shows us how to pursue truth together

by Cristopher Moore and John Kaag

For Richer, For Poorer

A Jewish immigrant married a Gilded Age scion. They worked together for social justice until they didn’t.

by Adam Hochschild

Peggy’s War

A pioneering American journalist traveled the world while fighting her own battles at home

by Pamela D. Toler

Why the Egg Matters

A meditation on remembrance, family, and time

by Laura Bernstein-Machlay

My Hairy Past

Shoulder length or longer, my mane was about my looks, yes, but also about the need for justice

by David Owen


Book Essay

Searching for Amos Oz  in Jerusalem

Searching for Amos Oz in Jerusalem

The acclaimed novelist, who died in 2018, translated Israeli reality

Randy Rosenthal

Book Reviews

Gibney: Colonel Oleg Penkovsky

War by Other Means

Subverting governments with lies is nothing new

James Gibney
Image Was Everything

Image Was Everything

A new biography of the seminal pop artist of the 20th century

Meryle Secrest
Kellman: Stone and his wife, Janice in Hawaii, c. 1979.

Not Quite Forgotten

The unheralded success ofa fine American novelist

Steven G. Kellman
Making Their Voices Heard

Making Their Voices Heard

The story behind passage of the 19th Amendment

Nancy Isenberg
Allen: David Carr

Poet of the Newsroom

A journalist with the unteachable gift of making you read on

Henry Allen
Kean: Galileo on trail at the Inquisition

Heaven and the Heretic

A brilliant scientist whose life is a cautionary tale

Sam Kean
Glamour and Violence

Glamour and Violence

A group portrait of the brutal Belle Époque

Anka Muhlstein